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Extremist Israelis arrested after theft & violence against Palestinians olive farmers

0 Comments 16 October 2017


Israelis were documented stealing olives from a Palestinian grove near the Palestinian village El Jenia and the illegal Israeli outpost Zayit Ra’anan on Sunday October 15. They were arrested following the swift intervention of the head of the field department of Rabbis for Human Rights, Zakaria Sadah, who informed the security forces.

Extremist Israelis stealing Palestinian olives from El Jenia groves

Extremist Israelis stealing Palestinian olives from El Jenia groves. Photos by Ayad Mazlum


In another incident, also on October 15, Palestinian farmers from the village of Kariyut were attacked near the “Red House” outpost, not far from Keda. Israeli security forces arrived at the scene and apprehended the assailants – again, extremist Israelis.

Rabbis for Human Rights:

It is a relatively unusual day where the security forces manage to arrest extremist Israeli lawbreakers in two incidents against West Bank Palestinians – one involving assault and the other theft. The reality is that this is particularly rare and for the most part, violations against Palestinian farmers are not properly addressed by the Israeli security and/or law enforcement authorities. The arrests on October 15th demonstrate that the Israeli security forces do indeed – should they want to – have the capacity to act against hate crimes and violence directed at Palestinians.

Additional photos

Only last week RHR reported on additional incidents of olive theft and violence

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