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Update on the petition to stop legalisation of theft from non-Jews

0 Comments 17 August 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights welcomes an interim injunction by the High Court of Israel on a petition submitted against the so-called Formalisation Law by Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel; the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center; Al Mezan Center for Human Rights; Rabbis for Human Rights; and 17 Palestinian regional authorities in the West Bank whose lands may be expropriated due to implementation of the law.

Palestinian farmer ploughs his land under Israeli outpost

Palestinian farmer ploughs his land under Israeli outpost

Rabbis for Human Rights believe the Formalization Law is the legalization of theft from non-Jews and constitutes a stain on the Jewish and democratic character of the state. There can be no good faith in the systematic, on-going theft of land.


“Theft from gentiles is more serious than theft from Jews” – Shulchan Aruch, Hoshen Mishpat, 348, 2; 359, 1

Yesterday (August 20 2017) the State contended in its response to the High Court petition filed against the so-called Formalisation Law (also referred to as the Settlements Regulation Law) that the law is a “humane response to the distress of thousands of settlers.” This response ignores the reality of institutionalized theft, and treats the Palestinians as if they do not exist.

Haaretz: Israel to High Court: Law Seizing Palestinian Land is a Humane Response to ‘Distress’ of Thousands of Settlers

The Rabbinic Case Against the Formalisation Law

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