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Photos: Jahalin Bedouin children visited by Japanese Shiatsu masters

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How we ended up dancing yesh lanu tayish with Japanese Tao Shiatsu Masters and Bedouin Kids in the Middle of the Desert


Photos and text by Nathalie Arfi, Rabbis for Human Rights volunteer, Jahalin Bedouin summer programs

My friend Lisa Naomi Beth Talesnick, who I invited to come to the camp with me, had just met a group of Tao Shiatsu with their international master coming from Japan as well as members coming from around the world. She immediately thought about inviting them to the summer camp. After about 72 phones calls the trip was planned. And like that a group of 30 Tao shiatsu people, bringing with them colorful origami papers, kimonos, music, calligraphy and a lot of poetry arrived a Monday morning and entered in the Jahalin kids life.

Later on, Oriental wisdom founded itself dancing to the rhythm of the raging Bedouin Dabka.  Lisa and I, moved by this amazing encounter between the extreme orient and the Middle East, found the boldness to initiate the Hebrew dance Yesh lanu Tayish.

I was amazed to see that in just a few seconds all together, Japanese and Jahalins started to dance to the rhythm of an old nursery Hebrew song. And then, two by two, new couples, created on the occasion, formed a bridge of dancers, under which another couple run dancing, as waves of water, forming the next bridge! And then, it was evident that, for a moment, all together we created, built, and erected a real bridge between different cultures and between people.

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