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American activist files restraining order against settler after Hebron assault

9 Comments 30 July 2017


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Rabbis for Human Rights: “This is a political attack aimed at silencing and restricting freedom of expression”

Ariel Gold, a Jewish activist from New York who works against the occupation, filed a petition at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Sunday requesting a restraining order against Anat Cohen, a settler from Hebron. The filing followed a violent assault that took place last Wednesday (July 26) during which Cohen kicked and slapped Gold in the face. Attorney Yair Nehorai, director of the legal department of Rabbis for Human Rights, is representing Gold.

Ariel Gold:

“While walking down Shuhada Street on Thursday morning to reach the bus stop, illegal settler Anat Cohen approached me unprovoked, kicked me, verbally harassed me, and slapped me in the face. The attack on me took place in broad daylight right in front of soldiers who refused, despite my pleadings, to intervene and provide me with physical protection.

I feel Ms. Cohen attacked me in hatred of my actions, as a Jew of conscience, in opposition to the discrimination and segregation Palestinians face in Hebron where they are subject to military law while Israeli settlers, there illegally, are subject to civilian law.”

Rabbis for Human Rights:

“The attack on Gold is a political assault with one goal: silencing and deterring activists from acting in accordance with their consciences. Even if Ms. Cohen or others do not agree with Gold’s views or actions, we must not resort to violence that threatens democracy and freedom of speech.”

A hearing with both parties present is scheduled for 11:30am at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. Rabbis for Human Rights requests the presence of our supporters.

UPDATE:  At our request, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court issued on August 2nd a restraining order against settler Anat Cohen on behalf of Ms. Gold.  More here.


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  1. karima Williams says:

    zionists need to learn some manners .
    If they want respect they need to respect others.UN is not doing its job at all, shame on them.

    • gambino says:

      Americans are troublemakers, liars and without manners.

      Israelis do not need your respect.

      Get out of Israel and go try start trouble in another country.

      • kevin kosa says:


        Then tell your fracking government to continue to beg for money from the Americans . Now we are subsidizing israelis each year $3.8 billions US dollars every year for the next ten years.
        Shame on you to continue to beg and to continue to oppress and colonize Palestinians.

  2. Matthew Olim says:

    I support Ariel Gold’s campaign here to end the occupation and I condemn the violence and assault by this settler. I also condemn the violent rhetoric of the previous comments. However I believe the solution is simply to yell back at her – ‘fight fire with fire’ – without actual fire haha. The problem with demanding the IDF or police handle is that if successful – you will only end up with another occupation. What’s the point?

    If anything I can do to help – let me know! (I’m in Jerusalem.)

    • Fred Wilkinson says:

      Matthew ,unfortunately there is much filmed evidence over the years,of people responding to Ms Cohen as you suggest,resulting in the solidiers that seemto accompany her responding on her behalf,,and on several occasions with violence,,and in one case where she was blocking Arab children attending school,the arbitary arrest of several Palestinians,to raise ones voice,or even to raise a hand to block her assaults can also result in arrest,or detention and confiscation of documents.

  3. Stanley Tee says:

    I find it highly ironic that Ariel Gold is the one filing the restraining order. What the heck is she doing in Hebron in the first place, other than seeking to cause trouble? The Jews of Hebron should be filing a restraining against her.

  4. Waleed says:

    Can someone please translate what the apartheid settler was saying. Clearly vulgarity?

  5. Kell says:

    Stanley Tee it’s time u need your brains to b factory reset.

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