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Violence at Yitzhar another example of discriminatory security policy

0 Comments 19 June 2017


Violence against soldiers at Yitzhar is another example of the regime’s discriminatory security policy.  A response by Rabbis for Human Rights:

Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Photo: IDF Spokesperson

When we published recently our review of the discriminatory security policy in the West Bank, we did not expect reality to provide us with so many examples in such a quick period of time.  At just the end of the last week, we encountered two incidents by extremist settlers from the settlement of Yitzhar – one of attacks on Israeli soldiers, and one of vandalism against army property. Since then, we are not aware of any rioters killed, the use of rubber bullets, live ammunition, or other means of dispersing demonstrators, nor has a curfew been imposed on the entire settlement. These are all, of course, good things as we must strive as much as possible to deal with cases of violence proportionately, to bring the perpetrators to justice, to punish them lawfully, and not to harm the uninvolved. The problem is that the conduct of the security forces when the attackers are settlers is shockingly different from their conduct in similar cases where the attackers are Palestinians. In other words, the conduct of the security forces does not stem from the gravity of the situation and the danger it poses, but rather from the ethnic origin of the attackers or victims. This is policy rooted not in security,but in discrimination. The violent events in Yitzhar over the weekend once again demonstrate this unfortunate truth.

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