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Missing Yemenite children affair demands serious investigation

0 Comments 20 June 2017

A number of recent revelations regarding the Yemenite children affair paint a bleak picture that demands serious investigation. Many testimonies and evidence from people within the establishmenant at that time support claims of the wide-spread, inappropriate removal of children, especially those of Yemenite origin, from their parents most notably during the early years of the state.

מקור התמונה: תמונת פרופיל פייסבוק של עמותת מר"ם – חטיפת ילדי תימן מזרח ובלקן

מקור התמונה: תמונת פרופיל פייסבוק של עמותת מר”ם – חטיפת ילדי תימן מזרח ובלקן

To date, the following testimonies and evidence have been raised:

Relevant officials admit that the identity of toddlers and infants was not properly documented in the immigrant camps, while many cases reveal that no reasonable effort was made to locate the parents of infants whose identities were not known.

Members of the establishment from the relevant period have testified that wide-spread, unregulated, and illicit adoption activities were carried out during this time outside of accepted channels— sometimes directly from the hospital.

Many adoption cases were found to be without files or without details of the biological parents.

In several cases, DNA tests confirmed that adopted children [most of whom were Yemenite] were found to be related to biological parents who claimed they never consented to putting their children up for adoption.

There is also reliable evidence that over the years many parents whose children disappeared never stopped lamenting their loss or searching for them; such behaviour is not in line with the behaviour of a parent who abandoned a child or freely gave him or her up for adoption.

So far, the investigating committees have had no “teeth” or investigative powers to uncover the truth. We demand a genuine investigation into this painful issue, which casts a heavy shadow on human rights in Israel.

Wednesday evening, at 18:30, a demonstration by the families of the missing children from Yemen, other Middle Eastern countries, and the Balkans will take place in the old Hamashbir Plaza in Jerusalem. In solidarity with this unquestionable pain, we call upon the public to attend.


Facebook event [Hebrew]

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