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Ignoring violence against Palestinians leads to increased attacks against soldiers

0 Comments 29 June 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights’ response to Israeli soldiers’ complaints on violence against them by extremist settlers


Footage published in Ynet of an injured Palestinian shepherd, and the struggle of soldiers attempting to manage violent settlers, along with multiple soldier testimonies attesting to physical and verbal violence against them by Jewish extremists from outposts, confirms the trend: Ignoring assaults against Palestinian farmers further emboldens the assailants to attack Israeli soldiers. Permitting an atmosphere of lawlessness on the ground sets the stage for escalating violence while giving the impression that soldiers are also “fair game.”

Rabbis for Human Rights strongly condemns both the harm done to Palestinians and the harm done to soldiers, and calls upon the government to provide the army with the tools needed to protect the rights of Palestinians as well as deter any violent elements who may later turn their aggression towards the security forces. Our sages taught that, “The sword comes into the world because of justice delayed and justice denied.”

Rabbis for Human Rights appealed to the Israeli army on June 6 to investigate a series of incidents of soldiers ignoring settler violence against Palestinians. Details here.

Ynet: IDF two -front war in West Bank with Jews and Palestinians 


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