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Call to prosecute Breaking the Silence Spokesperson smacks of ideological persecution

0 Comments 27 June 2017

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s call to prosecute Breaking the Silence spokesperson Dean Issacharoff is a cynical move that smacks of ideological persecution.

Breaking the Silence logo

Breaking the Silence logo

Under a proper regime, the system would make every effort – as a matter of routine- to bring to justice any security force member accused of abusive or inappropriately violent behaviour. For those who confessed, on their own accord, to a past deed while expressing remorse and denouncing the injustice, steps would be taken in regard to these extenuating circumstances. However, in the present situation the system is eager to carry out a criminal investigation against Issacharoff, who has admitted to doing wrong, when it is possible to perform a simple verification of the facts without police investigation. On the other hand, investigative files are regularly closed despite evidence of violence or inappropriate use of force, the existence of proper/relevant documentation, and the potential to identity and locate the suspected individuals.

In such a climate, this investigation cannot be perceived as an attempt to convey to the soldiers the message that they are responsible for their actions, but rather that they will pay dearly for public confessions of any wrongdoing committed in the framework of their military service.

The eager interrogation of Issacharoff sharply contrasts with so many other incidents, many of which ended not in a few blows but in the death of a Palestinian, which were never properly investigated or brought to trial.

Times of Israel: Police probe Breaking the Silence official who claimed to beat Palestinian

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