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Soldiers attack Palestinians protesting illegal construction on their private land

0 Comments 07 May 2017

Israeli soldiers used violence to enable work on a road on private Palestinian land despite orders by the Israeli military body responsible for construction to halt the work. One week after the Civil Administration prohibited the construction of a road on private Palestinian land, Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians protesting the disregard of the orders.


A short time ago today (May 7 2017) Palestinian farmers from the village Turmus Ayya objected to the construction of a road on privately owned farmland. Settlers began paving the road but were barred by the Civil Administration from continuing after it was determined that the plans they were working off of were expired. Since some of the lands affected by the plans are cultivated, the continuation of the work would likely harm the agriculture of the Palestinian residents. Nevertheless, the settlers decided to continue paving the road, and when Palestinians blocked the machinery in order to prevent damage to their lands (according to the army, some of the Palestinians actually climbed into the farm machinery), Israeli soldiers attacked the Palestinian protesters as well as the field coordinator for Rabbis for Human Rights, Zakaria Sada, who documented the situation. Although the soldiers were told that this work is forbidden by the army’s Civil Administration, and that the continuation of the paving is expected to harm agricultural work, their response was aggressive and they were unwilling to listen.

Again and again we witness that even in the rare case where the Civil Administration acts to protect the private land of Palestinians, the soldiers on the ground do not carry out the orders and the justified protest of Palestinians is suppressed.



Despite orders by the Civil Administration to stop the work, the road was paved


Photos and video: Zakaria Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights

Maan News Agency: Israeli soldiers assault Palestinian farmers protesting illegal settlement road

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