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Settler threatens RHR worker Zakaria Sadah with rifle

0 Comments 10 May 2017

Three days ago, an armed settler loaded his rifle and aimed its barrel at the chest of the Rabbis for Human Rights’ Palestinian field coordinator Zakaria Sadeh. Zakaria had been nonviolently documenting Palestinians protesting.  Additionally, a soldier snatched Zakaria’s cell phone, which fell and cracked.


The Palestinians were protesting settlers illegally paving  a road on private Palestinian land despite order from the Israel’s Civil Administration to stop the work. The soldiers present acted in contradiction to the orders of the Civil Administration, the Israeli body responsible for planning and building in this area. Instead of ordering the settlers to stop paving the road, the soldiers, with the help of armed settlers, violently dispersed the Palestinians. Only after talks with the Civil Administration was the work — which could have destroyed agricultural fields — finally stopped.

Over and over again we see instances where those who are supposed to follow the law instead sink to violence and threats. In this case, it was a threat to Zakaria’s life by means of a rifle. Nevertheless, we will not be deterred from our course. We greatly appreciative our field coordinator Zakaria who courageously stood firm and determined to his commitment to nonviolence in the face of this outrageous aggression.

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Maan News Agency: Israeli soldiers assault Palestinian farmers protesting illegal settlement road

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