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RHR worker aids in safe return of Israelis discovered in Palestinian village

1 Comment 15 May 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights Palestinian field coordinator Zakaria Sadah recently aided in safely resolving a situation where two Israelis were discovered in a Palestinian village in the north West Bank.

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From the Israeli Channel 2 news report [Hebrew]:

“Two Israelis entered the Palestinian village of Qusra, east of the Tapuach settlement, on Friday May 12th. The two, who were initially suspected of being settlers who came in order to attack, were aided by Palestinian police. Rabbis for Human Rights helped ensure the safety of the two.

The leaders of the village coordinated the return of the two Israelis to the army. Rabbis for Human Rights field coordinator Zakaria Sadeh rushed to the scene to ensure the peaceful resolution of the incident. Rabbis for Human Rights stressed that the event was a result of high tensions due to an uptick of hate crimes and terrorism in the area, which has been directed also against the villagers in Qusra.”

RHR is committed to challenging the occupation, and in the meantime seeks to secure the human rights of all within the context of the current situation.

Full [Hebrew] report from Channel 2 here

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  1. ann sprayregen says:

    actually, the article is not very clear about what actually happened at the beginning. good that it got resolved well.

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