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Military stands idly by while extremists attack Palestinians in Burin

0 Comments 22 May 2017

Soldiers and officers stand idly by while extremist settlers attack Palestinians at Burin

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Rabbis for Human Rights has captured documentation of officers and soldiers standing by while extremist settlers throw stones at Palestinians. The incident occurred yesterday May 21 2017 in Area B of the West Bank next to homes in the village of Burin. The officers order the Palestinians to leave the area, even though they are on their own village and on privately owned land, and load their weapons which they than aim at the Palestinians. The army is protecting the settlers, who are about a kilometer away from the nearby outpost of Givat Ronen, and, at most, rebuking them for throwing stones. We do not know if any settlers were detained in the incident.

This serious incident began when the village of Burin was attacked by extremist settlers. A field worker from the NGO Yesh Din was injured in his thigh by a stone and a vehicle belonging to RHR field coordinator Zakaria Sadah was damaged.  Once again, we witness the phenomenon of soldiers standing idly by in the face of an attack, and the use of tear gas against Palestinians who are on their own land.

Haaretz: Video shows settlers throwing stones at Palestinians in the West Bank as Israeli soldiers watch

Footage: Zakaria Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights

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