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Palestinian arrested for stone-throwing while Israeli stone-throwing ignored

0 Comments 11 May 2017

On Wednesday May 10 2017, both settlers and Palestinians went to the scene of a fire below the Givat Ronen outpost on the edge of an olive grove belonging to Palestinians from Burin.


The source of the fire is not clear, but it spread in several directions. The settlers began to extinguish the flames approaching the outpost, while the Palestinians came to put out the flames heading towards their olive trees. According to the Palestinians, the settlers threw stones at them. Soldiers and police soon arrived at the scene and arrested a Palestinian youth who they claim was also throwing stones, while ignoring the stone-throwing of the extremist settlers (documented below). It should be noted that the extremist settlers continued to throw stones even during the arrest of the Palestinian youth, and the stones endangered the Israeli police and soldiers present as well as the Palestinians. Nevertheless, the security forces took no real action against the violent settlers or, in another similar incident following this, only shouted at them to go away without trying to arrest them.

We often witness soldiers turning a blind eye to the violence of extremist settlers — in this case the police also stood idly by.


Haaretz: Israeli soldiers caught on tape looking on as settlers throw stones at Palestinians

Below: Footage of Israeli extremist settlers throwing stones while army looks on.

Photos from the incident

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