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Human rights are a duty, not a favour: Response to proposed “benefits package”

1 Comment 17 May 2017

Political sources told the media earlier this week that the Israeli government is formulating a package of economic “gestures” to be offered to the Palestinians ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel.


Rabbis for Human Rights:

Palestinian rights are not a favour but an obligation and cannot be used as a bargaining chip in political negotiations; any possible promotion of rights for the Palestinian population must be done immediately without any stipulation.

From the little reported on of the benefits package that the government is planning on presenting to the Palestinians prior to Trump’s visit, and from information gathered from similar proposals in the past, the package deals with humanitarian and/or other rights affecting the Palestinian population. The granting of these rights are not gestures to be decided upon at the political level in discussions with the Palestinian Authority, and as such, the use of rights as a tool to punish or reward the Palestinian population in the context of political negotiations makes a mockery of human rights. Furthermore, the proposal of this package also demonstrates that if there is the will, it is indeed possible to improve the human right situation in the West Bank even in the context of the current circumstances, as we have argued in the past. If it is possible to improve the status of the rights of the Palestinian population — even within the framework of the existing situation of Israeli military control in the West Bank — than such is the duty of Israel and cannot be used as a political bargaining chip.

Read our review that was distributed to the government: Beyond politics: Making Strides for Palestinians in the Current Situation.

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  1. Rev Dr Chris Wigglesworth says:

    Fully agree – had a moving visit with you to Rachel’s Tomb on 11th May Thank you and may the Lord bless and protect your work!

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