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Liberman condemns violence against soldiers, but not against Palestinians

0 Comments 24 April 2017

Rabbis for Human Rights expresses anger and amazement in response to the statement yesterday by Defense Minister, Avigdor Liberman, in which he references the violent attacks over weekend in the West Bank.

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Liberman condemned the attack on an IDF officer by extremist settlers and completely ignored the main matter – violent attacks against dozens of Palestinians.The attack of the IDF officer, while certainly severe, was a byproduct of the central incident, stemming from the fact that the officer attempted to intervene and prevent violence. This statement by the head of the security establishment distinguishes between blood and blood, and it sends an implicit message that attacking Palestinians is not so significant and terrible as long as the security forces are not attacked. We call on the Minister of Defense to publish a clarification sending a clear and straightforward message condemning violence against all.

JPost: Israeli Defense minister: Zero tolerance for thugs who attack IDF soldiers

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