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Join us Thursday April 6 for a special refugee seder at Holot

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Please join us on Thursday April 6 for a special celebration of Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom, at the Holot “open” detention center in the Negev.   The event will consist of a seder and other activities in order to raise awareness of the detention center and the African asylum seekers currently detained there. Together, we will call to close the detention center and to release the asylum seekers while making the connection between  Passover and the meaning of freedom and liberty in Israel.

holot seder 2017

Background: After visiting the Holot detention center and becoming involved in the issue of African asylum seekers in Israel, the pre-military academy Telem decided with Rabbis for Human Rights and the pre-military academy Binah to conduct a Passover seder there bringing together Israelis and asylum seekers. This year’s event will once again continue the decade-long tradition of holding a “refugee seder” in Israel.

Schedule of Events

15:30: Gathering at the lot outside of the detention center
16:00:  Joint reading of an alternative Passover haggadah
16:30: Dialogue circles and African drum circles
17:30: Speeches
The evening will conclude with an uplifting concert

Facebook event

Click here to sign up in advance for buses subsidised by the New Israel Fund, leaving from Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva 

UPDATE: Transportation is completely booked up. You can add your name to the waitlist here.


Download the PDF file .

 Download the haggadah here

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  1. Philip McFedries says:

    Thank you for reminding us of the prison in the wilderness. I wonder if Moses trod the sands there…..

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