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Israeli soldiers ignore stone throwing extremists & army replaces judicial system

0 Comments 03 April 2017

On Saturday April 1 2017, a group of extremist settlers from the Givat Ronen outpost came to the Palestinian village of Burin and threw stones at the residents on the pretense that the villagers had stolen a donkey from the outpost. The Palestinians responded by also throwing stones. The army soon arrived, fired tear gas at the Palestinians, turned a blind eye on the extremists throwing stones, and finally removed the donkey from the Palestinians’ hands and gave it to the extremists.


Rabbis for Human Rights: Extremist settlers disgraced the holiness of Shabbat in this incident. Even worse though is that the Israeli security forces failed to act as an authority whose responsibility is to maintain public order and dilgently investigate allegations of theft. Instead of enforcing the rule of law, they behaved as part of a bigotry itself, disregarding the stone throwing of one party who came with the intention of attacking the other.

Footage by Zakaria Sadah of Rabbis for Human Rights

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