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April 12: Passover in the desert with Umm al Hiran!

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The Bedouin residents of the unrecognised village of Umm al Hiran in the Negev invite you to join them on April 12th for a special Passover event in the desert. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day while getting to know the residents of Umm al Hiran while learning about their struggle. 


English translation of Hebrew poster:

Passover in the desert
Get to know Umm al Hiran
April 12

Looking for a unique activity to do over the holiday? Want to get to know a place you’ve never been or  do something meaningful that’s appropriate for parents and children? Umm al Hiran invites you for a day of activities and getting to know one another. 10am -5pm

Umm al Hiran invites you to a day of commemoration and celebration. We will be hosting tours of the village and the beautiful surrounding forest, to learn about the history and current situation of Umm al Hiran. The children can spend time outside painting a mural and in organized games. We will be baking matzoh just like they did in the desert– on an authentic Bedouin taboun oven. And we will have discussion circles for adults to engage in dialogue and discussion

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Why visiting Umm al Hiran is so important now: Umm al Hiran is an unrecognized Bedouin village currently slated for demolition by the state of Israel so a new Jewish town can be built on its rubble. Your presence and support of the village can help convince the Israeli government not to move forward with its unjust and discriminatory plans.

Background: In 1949, Israel evicted the Bedouin tribe Abu Al Qi’an from its lands in Wadi Zabbālih in the northern Negev. In 1956, the Israeli government settled the tribe in Umm Al Hiran and Atir in the north‐east region of the Negev. However, the government never granted these localities official recognition. Now, more than sixty years later, the government of Israel has ruled to evict its Bedouin citizens from Umm Al Hiran and settle Jewish citizens there instead, in a new Jewish town be called “Hiran.”

On January 18 2017, the Israeli government attempted to begin erasing the entire Bedouin Israeli village of Umm al Hiran in order to build a Jewish community on the rubble. The attempt had disastrous results for both Bedouin and Jews, of which the details are still unclear.

Sign now:  Tell Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop the demolition of Umm al Hiran

Read: Review by Rabbis for Human Rights detailing the negotiations and their subsequent breakdown, leading to the January 18th tragedy

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