Passover human rights haggadah supplements

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The connection between Passover and human rights is explicit and unavoidable. We encourage all who attend or host a seder to include at least some discussion on the topic. 

As in years past, please find below Rabbis for Human Rights’ special human rights themed Passover haggadah supplements. They are:

  • “Which child am I?”
  • “Commentary to the Torah by Rabbi Samson Rapael Hirsch.”  
  • Refugee haggadah

 Please feel free to use these materials as you see fit.

Passover Haggadah SupPlements-2



Download the PDF file .

“Which Child Am I?” Download here

Download the PDF file .

“Commentary by Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch:” Download here



Download the PDF file .

Download refugee haggadah

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