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Soldiers needlessly attempt to obstruct Palestinian from harvesting olives

1 Comment 03 November 2016

With Rabbis for Human Rights’ intervention, Palestinian farmer in the Gush Etzion region is permitted to continue his harvest after soldiers attempt to obstruct the work.

The farmer is from the Slebi family who we have assisted for years with their agricultural work. Although his land is in an area that does not require coordination with the army, the authorities nevertheless attempted to prevent him from continuing to do his work. Rabbis for Human Rights in turn contacted the responsible officers in the area, allowing for the issue to be quickly addressed, and the farmer was then permitted to return to his work. Although this story had a positive resolution, many farmers do not receive such assistance and their agricultural yield is needlessly damaged. In light of the positive response by the officers in this situation, we wonder why the army simply does not make their protocols for their soldiers in the field more clear, and why, when someone is working their lands in an area that does not require coordination, is access prevented in the first place?



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  1. Jo Siedlecka says:

    I admire you so much. We hear awful news from the Holy Land about the abuse of Palestinians and other minorities and I know there are many good people like yourselves working very hard for justice and a better world. Love and prayers from Jo in London!

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