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Demolition of Khan al Ahkmar Tire School Postponed

0 Comments 28 August 2016

On Friday August 26, the Israeli government announced that the demolition of a school of mud and tires built at the Jahalin Bedouin community of Khan al Ahkmar would be postponed for now. This decision came after much local and international outcry against the destruction of the school. Despite any protestations from powerful settlers and settler groups, the school will continue to serve 170 Bedouin children from the impoverished and underprivileged areas around Kfar Adumim.

Rabbis for Human Rights is pleased to learn that for now there is no immediate threat of demolition at the school. We hope the Israeli government will soon come to recognise the Jahalin village of Khan Al Ahkmar, which was established prior to Israeli control of the West Bank in 1967, and will grant the village its basic rights including the right to plan and build. The denial of recognition puts all building – including of schools – at risk of demolitions, and must be viewed as a coercive attempt to expel the Jahalin from their present location in order to make room for Jewish settlement expansion.

We at RHR believe that all children have the right to receive an equal education as stated by Israel’s Declaration of Independence, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child of which Israel is a signatory, and according to our Torah, which commands us to love the stranger. Therefore, destroying the school would have been blasphemy in the name of God, while saving it sanctifies His name.

School made of tires and mud at Jahalin Bedouin community of Khan al Ahmar

School made of tires and mud at Jahalin Bedouin community of Khan al Ahmar

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