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Suspension of dialogue between Susya and state leads to new fears of demolitions

1 Comment 26 July 2016


Unilateral and sudden suspension of dialogue between Susya and state leads to new fears of demolitions.
Refusal by the state to continue dialogue regarding the authorization of Susya  implies an increased threat of demolitions occurring to 40% of the village. Were this to occur, the already very difficult humanitarian conditions existing in the village would be greatly exacerbated.


Continuation of dialogue between residents and the state now depends on Israel’s new minister of defense.

For the most part, the situation in Susya will be decided by the High Court in an upcoming hearing scheduled for Monday August 1 at 9am. During this hearing, the Court will decide if it will accept the state’s request to immediately and without prior notice demolish 40% of the village. Most of the structures currently slated for demolition are residential, providing living quarters to approximately 100 people.

It is important to acknowledge that the IDF’s Civil Administration – responsible for planning in Area C – refuses to issue building permits to the residents of Susya. Over the years, dozens of these requests have been denied during on-going, protracted legal discussions. Faced with no other options, residents are forced to build ramshackle structures and tents on their privately owned land in order to survive the harsh desert conditions. The destruction of these basic structures will cause great deterioration to the living conditions in the village, which are already quite low.

Talks with the Israeli authorities were held over the last three months with the objective of looking into the option of legalizing the village from a planning perspective.  However, two weeks ago, this dialogue was abruptly halted and residents were informed that any agreement to continue them was now the responsibility of the new minister of defence. Discussions with senior members of the administration gave rise to suspicions that the village was under the increasing threat of immediate demolitions.  These indications,  in addition to the demolition of structures in the general area of Susya over the Ramadan holiday — a rare move made by the army — set a dangerous precedent and raise concerns that political considerations have been introduced to the professional planning process. All of this is to the detriment of the local Palestinian population, already suffering under a discriminatory planning system. Urgent actions is now needed in order to save Susya.

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    Shameful…fascist, not Jewish morality

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