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Public housing tenant wins courtroom victory against Amidar, is not evicted

0 Comments 30 November 2015


We are proud to report Rabbis for Human Rights has had an important, precedent setting court victory with potentially deep implications for public housing in Israel! Amidar, one of the major public housing firms in the country, has been prevented from evicting a tenant due to unreliable, contradictory documentation from home inspections.

supreme court 

After a long legal battle that involved lengthy discussions at multiple judicial levels, including an appeal to the Supreme Court, a Tel Aviv court determined that the home inspection records kept by Amidar cannot serve as direct evidence used against the tenant in order to facilitate his eviction.

Amidar attempted to revoke the lease of the tenant and evict him and his wife from a public housing apartment based on reports made during home inspections. The court prevented the eviction, giving the tenant the right to purchase the home, and ordered Amidar to pay the court expenses incurred by the couple.

It should be noted that until now it was not possible to give any statements in contradiction to the home inspections; only now, after the intervention of the High Court, and through lowering the judgement to the Magistrates court, is it possible to prove the problems raised by them. Until today, cases like these were handled by the regional court where it was not possible for residents to give testimony in contradiction to the inspection records.

We hope that after this court case it will be possible to help many more residents that have been negatively affected by these home inspections. We know that due to this ruling, Amidar has changed their internal protocols regarding the inspections.

Congratulations to Rabbis for Human Rights’ Attorney Becky Cohen-Keshet who diligently and faithfully accompanied the tenant through the lengthy court proceedings. We hope this victory will give strength and inspiration to all those fighting for their civil and social rights in Israel in general and in the public housing sector in particular.

An article about this court victory was on the first page of Haaretz, a leading print and online paper in Israel [see photo below]. To read the English translation of the article, see here


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