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The right to a stable home: Important policy shifts announced at Public Housing Day!

0 Comments 28 October 2015


The Housing Ministry: There will not be an increase of rental rates and the tenants of public housing will be able to purchase new apartments at the price of old apartments in the framework of urban renewal.



These commitments are anchored in a document laying out new instructions for protection of the rights of public housing residents in the process of urban renewal that include additional protections for the tenants.

*There will not be expulsion of tenants from the housing complex*

*The tenants will receive an apartment of at least 15 square meters*

*The subject of payments to house committees will be examined*

The document and commitments were revealed this morning in the Knesset committee urban renewal in the framework of Public Housing Day.

The chairperson of the committee for urban renewal, Knesset member Eli Cohen announced during the discussion that “the tenants of public housing will be able to purchase the new apartments at the price of the old apartments.”

The Forum for Public Housing approached the committee for urban renewal at the previous sitting on the issue and presented demands for changes in the paper outlining the rules of the ministry, and did so in cooperation with the lobby for housing and the committee chairperson. We are delighted that this cooperative effort led to these positive results.

Furthermore the executive director of Amidar revealed that they received a mandate from the Housing Ministry to purchase 400 apartments of which 200 have already been bought at a rate of 10 apartments per week.

The process of urban renewal is expected to raise the cost of new apartments, the price of purchase, of rental and ownership and house committee fees. Public housing tenants will not be able to meet these increased costs. This new approach corrects this failure and enables public housing to fulfill its original goal – to supply a roof over the heads of those below the poverty line.

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