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El Arakib in court this Wednesday: The village needs your support!

1 Comment 11 September 2014

This Wednesday, September 17th, the court will finally hear a very important appeal from Al Arakib which could determine the future of the village. There are two ways the villagers are asking for support- one is by attending the weekly vigil on Sunday at 16:30, and the second is by coming to the Ramle Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday,  at 11:30. Details, transportation,  and background below.


Al Arakib needs you this week!

**September 21 2014: Scroll down for an update on the court’s ruling**

Sunday, September 14th: In anticipation of the court date on Wednesday, the Village Committee of El-Arakib is making a special request for your presence at the weekly vigil this Sunday at 16:30 (4:30pm) Lehavim junction. This will be followed by a visit to what is left of the village itself.

Facebook event here (Hebrew)

Transportation for Sunday:

Jerusalem: Transportation will leave the Liberty Bell Garden Parking Lot at 15:00. Please sign up in advance, so that we will know whether or not to order a bus. During office hours, call the RHR office at 02-6482757. Otherwise, call Rabbi Arik Ascherman at 050-5607034, [email protected]

Tel Aviv: Northern Train/Bus Station in front of Sixt at 15:15. Again, PLEASE sign up in advance: Yaacov Manor 050-5733276, [email protected]

For the Negev, contact Rhateb at 050-7701118

Despite upwards of 65 demolitions, Al Arakib continues to hold on.

Despite upwards of 65 demolitions, Al Arakib continues to hold on.

Wednesday, September 17th: Additionally, your presence is requested at the Magistrate’s Court in Ramle on Wednesday at 11:30, when the case will be heard.


El-Arakib has been waging a desperate battle to remain on their lands, despite over 70 demolitions of the village. The Israeli government and Minister Shamir are willing to negotiate on many issues with the Bedouin, but not Araqib. Having failed to get the residents to give up with demolitions, arrests, etc., the government took the unprecedented step of demolishing all but one of the structures inside the cemetery fence on June 12th.

A few days earlier, El-Arakib had appealed the legitimacy of the orders. They claimed that the 2010 orders didn’t include the coordinates of the cemetery compound. The pending case did not stop the destruction on the 12th, but will finally be heard on Wednesday. Since June 12th, the government has issued orders to confiscate any remaining property items and making it illegal for the residents to live in El-Arakib. However, a court issued a restraining order until Wednesday’s court discussion.

WATCH: Footage of the destruction of the mosque at El Arakib from June 12th 2014

UPDATE FROM SEPTEMBER 17th’s Court Date:  The court ruling  this time around wasn’t exactly a victory and it wasn’t exactly a loss.  Basically, the court said that Al Arakib is not the address.   However, the judge ended the Writ of Execution orders (court order to put in force a judgement of possession), meaning the 2010 orders can’t be used again.  So, although the state has the ability to issue new orders, Al Arakib will continue to struggle for its survival.  As far as what is currently there, it wasn’t entirely clear what will become of the existing tents.  The village’s lawyer will soon compose  a letter making the point that the existing tents are not a fresh incursion, and therefore there must be a new court process before anything can be done to them.

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  1. I don’t agree with you on this issue. I don’t believe that Jews at this time should be attacking the government. We must show to the world that we are a united front. Stop attacking Israel from within. It is an embarassment to them.

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