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Weekly parasha: “There shall be one law for you”

3 Comments 01 May 2014

This week, Rabbi Galit Oren Moran offers us something a bit different by way of a “visual” parasha.  In this stunning collage, she shows us how far certain sections of our society have strayed from the compassionate ways of the Torah. 

Artwork by Rabbi Galit Oren Moran



The Hebrew verse that appears here from this week’s parasha, Emor, is “There shall be one law for you, the ger will be treated like a citizen. (Leviticus 24:22) (There is a debate on how to translate “ger,” but we translate it as the non-Jewish resident alien who accepts your rules and lives among you.) Different versions of this idea appear several places in the Torah. Here it appears after the famous lex talons (“An eye for an eye…”) that our rabbis interpreted as referring to compensation, rather than the literal meaning.

This visual midrash by Rabbi Galit Oren Moran juxtaposes this verse with pictures reflecting the Israeli reality of rising “Price tag” hate crimes, home demolitions and other human rights violations.

The translation of the second text is “The complete guide to killing goyim” (A generally pejorative term for non-Jews). The small print reads, “When is it permissible to kill goyim? Almost anytime, according to the new book by the head of the Od Yosef Khai yeshiva at the Yitzhar settlement.” This is a headline that appeared after the publication of the book “Torat HaMelekh.” The yellow graphic with Hebrew contains the emblem of the racist late Meir Kahane, and the increasingly popular slogan, “Kahane was right.” One also sees racist and threatening Hebrew slogans in the “Price Tag” graffiti.

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  1. As suspected, RHR is still promoting BDS. Just see the BDS poster in Facebook on the right side in the RHR website. Is this not outrageous and would be shameful if RHR is indeed a Jewish and Zionist NGO?
    Should RHR not be considered therefore as a crude sect, based on perverted Judaism, preaching a dubious text of a mishmash of anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist slogans and from a bible?

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  3. המחיר לא תמיד מעיד על איכות המוצר –
    אצלנו האיכות גבוה והמחיר נמוך

    ריהוט לגן הינו אתר הממותג בתחום רהיטים
    לגינה שמתעסק במכירת רהיטים לגינה ובעצם
    שינוי פני החוץ שלכם . אביזרים למרפסת הינם בדרך כלל תוספות שיכולות להעצים את מראה הגינה או לגרוע ממנה , אם חיפשתם ריהוט
    גינה אז באמצעות הכוונה מתאימה ובחירת המוצרים מתאימים תוכלו
    ליצור מראה עוצר נשימה לחלל החוץ שלכם.
    באתר מחכים לכם מאות פריטים כמו ריהוט גינה דורשים לגינה שלכם.

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