RHR’s 25th Anniversary Event: Meet panel participant Rabbi Naamah Kelman

2 Comments 02 April 2014

Meet Rabbi Naamah Kelman, one of our distinguished guests at our 25th Anniversary event on April 6th. Rabbi Kelman will participate on a panel entitled “The Role of Judaism in the Struggle for Human Rights in Israel.” The panel will be moderated by RHR’s co-chair Rabbi Moshe Yehudai. 

Kelman, Naamah

Rabbi Naamah Kelman is a descendent of 10 generations of rabbis, becoming the first woman to be ordained by the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem in 1992, where she is currently the Dean. Born and raised in New York, she has lived in Israel since 1976; where she has worked in community organizing, Jewish education, and the promotion and establishment of Progressive and Pluralistic Judaism for Israelis . Naamah Kelman has been intensely involved in the emerging education system of the Israeli Movement for Progressive (Reform) Judaism. Among the founders of the first Progressive Day school, she has overseen the development of curricular materials, teacher training programs, and family education. She has been involved in teacher training and enrichment, the professional development of the Israeli Rabbinic students, and the establishment of “Mazorim” Spiritual Care/Israeli Chaplaincy. She was the Director of the Year in Israel Program for HUC’s North American students. She is a board member of Rabbis for Human Rights, MELITZ, and the Tali Education Fund. Naamah Kelman is deeply engaged in inter-faith dialogue and feminist causes. She is married to Dr. Elan Ezrachi and they have three children.



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  1. Mrs. Kelman, do you know, that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle and Near East?

    Do you know, that Israel is the only country in this area observing Human Rights?

    Why are you not struggling for human rights in Arab and Islamic countries, in Iran and North Korea?

    Why are you defaming and demonizing Israel?
    Do you think Israel has not enough enemies and Needs jewish enemies, such as RHR and you?

    You do not feel ashamed?


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