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The third annual “open day” at the Khan El Akhmar Bedouin school

2 Comments 30 April 2013

Here are photos from the third annual “open day” at the Khan El Akhmar Bedouin school (85 children and expanding!), which we helped build  years ago and have been supporting since. Every day the school functions is another victory but it is under threat of demolition, as are all the Bedouin tents, huts and hovels in the area. This is  because of the demands of the very powerful and well-connected neighbouring settlers of Kfar Adumim to remove the Bedouin from the area, and the government interest in emptying area C of as many Palestinian Arabs as possible, as is the case in the South Hebron hills and the Jordan valley.

The civil administration of the IDF has been pressuring this community in various ways, preventing any development or access to basic human needs such as water, electricity, reasonable road access, education and health. They are now proposing to  move them  to an area near Jericho  in a soon-to- be-published plan recently revealed at a press conference we attended. (Information from lawyer Shlomo Lecker and architect Alon Cohen-Lifshitz of Bimkom).

The plan would repeat the process of concentration and loss of sources of income and lifestyle already being carried out in the Negev, but in this case these people are not even citizens of the State carrying it out. That is the precise opposite of the Torah idea of all being treated equally before the Law, as well as any sense of natural morality. (According to Rav Kook, admired teacher  of many of these settlers, Torah is never supposed to conflict with a sense of morality!)  and it is against international law (the Geneva convention) as is well known.

Any and all ideas and actions to protect this threatened community of refugees from the Negev and their descendents from another unjust dislocation are very welcome.  Write to  Knesset members, particularly the Ministry of Defence, Yallon about this before it is too late. The plan just awaits his signature at present.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann

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  1. Esther Hecht says:

    Can you provide e-mail addresses for protest messages? That information will certainly help people take action.
    Thank you.
    Esther Hecht


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