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Jewish Terrorism: an Especially Violent ‘Price Tag’ Incident

1 Comment 10 March 2013

The photos of the injured and the dead livestock come from a violent incident involving Muraier and the Adei Ad settlement outpost on 8 March 2013. The photos of felled olive trees come from a Price Tag incident in the Alsawiyah village near Tapuah, discovered the same day.

In Alsawiyah, seventy-five olive trees were cut down to stumps [some mature, some saplings planted by Rabbis for Human Rights activists about a year ago]. Another twenty-one mature olive trees were clear-cut [all their branches were severed; such damage to older trees is orders of magnitude worse].

“Price Tag” was sprayed in the area, as well as illegible scrawlings, possibly “Non-Jewish Terrorism.” Palestinians also report attacks by settlers between Muraier and Adei Ad. Six Palestinians were injured; it is not yet known how severely. Two sheep belonging to Palestinians were killed in settler attacks [and another six injured]. Violence erupted between the groups.

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