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Volunteer for the Rabbis for Human Rights center in Hadera

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The periphery isn’t far from the center. Half an hour from Tel Aviv or Haifa and you’re in Hadera. The periphery has quite a few men, women and children. It doesn’t take much to volunteer – empathy and interpersonal skills suffice. Come be a part of a process that generates real change in people’s lives.

By: Rabbi Sigal Asher 

Our activities at the Center:

  • At the RHR center in Hadera we help people navigate Israeli bureaucracy so they can exercise their rights.
  • We need volunteers who can spare three hours once every two weeks (at least) in the Hadera and Wadi Ara area. They will help us create the initial connections with people in the community. Another way to help is by translating for non-Hebrew speakers, or those who do not speak it well. We welcome help with the following languages: Russian, Amharic, Tigrit, Spanish.
  • We provide training and guidance throughout the process.
  • Volunteering at the RHR center helps people who have difficulty standing up for their rights, and creates genuine change in Israeli society.


At the Rights Center we work along a number of avenues toward social change and empowerment:

  • Providing specific assistance to those who come to us, in a number of arenas: National Insurance, repossessions, the Employment Office, public housing, et al.
  • Going out into the community to find the people who need help.
  • Policy change (e.g. activities aimed at canceling the Wisconsin Plan). Sometimes one individual’s problem indicates a difficulty that the legislature did not address. We also assist in such cases.
  • Activism groups – empowerment groups for women from the area. Through the group we empower the residents, and encourage them to take responsibility, to create the needed change themselves.


Who comes to us?

  • At our Rights Center in Hadera we provide assistance to people from the area, and empower them.


Our principles:

  • The principles that guide Rabbis for Human Rights are the integration of social justice and human rights with Jewish tradition.
  • We give voice to the Jewish tradition in the realm of social justice. As man was created in the divine image, we as Jews see ourselves as committed to protesting every injustice to anyone. We draw our authority from Jewish-humanistic culture and from international treaties for human rights.


The link between the social and other traditions:

  • Jewish tradition obligates the community to provide its members with basic services and to maintain the welfare of the alien, the different, the weak, the widow and the orphan; We assist the fight of various groups in Israeli society for their economic, social and cultural rights: the unemployed, single parents, the elderly, the disabled, the ill and others whose urgent needs have not been addressed. We use out unique voice as a Rabbinic organization to unite diverse groups in Israeli society around a vision of justice and Jewish values toward a joint struggle for social and economic justice.
  • Since the establishment of the organization, hundreds of volunteers every year have participated in hundreds of activities, working toward social and state justice.
  • We invite you to promote social justice. Come add a drop – each drop brings us closer to a more just society. Come work with us toward a just Israel!


We call on you: come volunteer with Rabbis for Human Rights! Call us for more information:

  • Toll free: 04-6222678
  • Toll free: 050-2003979

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