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Press Release: on Tuesday, 4 December, the mosque in Mufkara, South Mt. Hebron, was again destroyed

1 Comment 04 December 2012

This marks the second time the mosque has been destroyed; the first time occurred in November 2011. 

Mufkara is a cave village in South Mt. Hebron in Area C, under full Israeli control, and is not recognized by the military authorities (“Civil Administration”) as a village. The village is also located in a disused IDF live fire zone, Fire Area 918, another reason for the abuse.

Rabbis for Human Rights: President of the Supreme Court Justice Gronis said not long ago in court, “They must be destroyed when they’re still small,” referring to illegal construction, without giving consideration to the military planning authorities, which offer no representation to the residents and no standards of fairness; their only goal is to prevent Palestinian construction. The destruction of the mosque in Mufkara is but one more example of demolition where no chance was ever given to build legally, as a result of planning that specifically seeks to discriminate against and restrict Palestinian development. It is all the more disturbing that the site is a house of worship. This is another instance illustrating why we submitted the Supreme Court petition, together with Palestinian councils and other organizations, demanding that construction planning authority be restored to Palestinians in Area C.


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