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KOLOT YEHUDIIM (Jewish Voices) – Human Rights’ Beit Midrash

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Rabbis for Human Rights and Beit Hillel of the Hebrew University invite you to participate in the “Beit Midrash for Human Rights.” 

Kolot Yehudiim

Beit Midrash for Human Rights

Rabbis for Human Rights and Beit Hillel of theHebrewUniversityinvite you to join the “Beit Midrash for Human Rights”

Programme includes:  Weekly study of human rights’ issues alongside weekly  activities with organizations working for social change

Programmes designed for those studying for afirst or seconddegree

The Beit Midrash will take place on Mondays from 18:30-21:30

Suitable candidates will be eligible for grants

There is a place for you

For details and registration: Debbie

Last date for registration:25.10.12

For registration

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  1. Ottfried Fraisse says:

    Dear reader,

    I sent you earlier an inquiry but on my computer it didn’t get through. In the case you didn’t get it I send it here again. We are a research training group (“Theolgy as Science” affiliated to the University Frankfurt) which will hold its Summer School next year in Jerusalem. We want to inform ourselves about different forms teaching religion in Israel. We will stay in Jerusalem form 29 September until 5 October and your group comprises graduate students, post-docs and professors.

    Thank you for your answer, Dr. Ottfried Fraisse

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