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Stop the eviction of the Jahalin Bedouin to the dump: Parashat “B’Shalach” – Our Weekly commentary

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Parashat “B’Shalach”: The weekly report of Rabbis for Human Rights

In the political arena the government is increasing home demolitions in Um El Kheir, Anata, Jahalin, and in Silwan. In the social area, the coalition for attainable housing reveals that the government’s plans for public housing do not bring solutions to all the homeless. We try to expand the borders of justice so it will contain the political and the social areas. Please send an e-mail and save the Jahalin Bedouin from eviction to the dump. Shabbat Shalom.

In Parashat ‘B’Shalach’ Rabbi Dalia Marx investigates the prophetess Miriam. On one hand Miriam appears in the Bible as a prophetess more times then other women’s names in the Bible. On the other hand we know very little about her.  Miriam’s singing, says Rabbi Marx, transforms Miriam into a prophetess.

We need volunteers:

  • On the morning of Wednesday 8th –  To plant a prayer – Tu Beshvat event – We are happy to invite you to  the planting event that will take place in the village of El Jenia. We want to plant 200 trees to replace trees that where uprooted during the last year.

Here are pictures of the home demolitions in Anata, and Rabbi Arik Acherman brings good news from Anata Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity updated us on security forces closing a children’s football club and offices of a kindergarten in Silwan. Apparently, the government of Israel does not want the children of Silwan to have institutions where they can learn and play. While the State of Israel sends (January 25th) bulldozers to demolish a shack in Um El Kheir where a widow and her 9 children lived, it builds an extension of the settlement Karmel built on Um El Kheir’s lands. Last week Muhamed’s home was damaged. Muhamed lives between the settlements Maaleh Levonah and Givat Haroeh.

On Thursday was, in front the government’s offices in Beer Sheva, a demonstration against Praver plan. On Friday Sheich Jarrah Solidarity held a demonstration that included help to Isawia residents. During the demonstration Rabbi Arik Ascheman participated in the local planting event. On Sunday we participated in a demonstration in front KKL/JNF offices in Jerusalem against the eviction of El-Arakib residents and planting trees on their land  Last week we joined the coalition for attainable housing and sent the members of the reform and planning committee a letter. We also demonstrated  on Tuesday outside of the Knesset during the discussions on public housing. This is how we learned about “A” who came to our rights center in Hadera. Congratulate Uri Avneri and Hagit Ofran for receiving the Leibovitz prize.

The Huffington Post published a very good article written by Moriel Rothman about the “National Park” campaign. Rabbi Gideon Sylvester, Director of Rabbis for Human Rights’ Human Rights Yeshiva, writes about racism and intolerance in Israel. “…One [soldier] yelled at Rabbi Arik Ascherman from Rabbis for Human Rights to take of his skullcap because “he was a disgrace to Judaism.” But it was the women who received the most violent verbal abuse, in addition to physical. “May the Arabs here rape you!” one soldier yelled at an activist….” (Activists resisting home demolitions face ‘IDF Price Tag’ attack, +972mag, Jeff Helper). Pharaoh and Free Will by Rabbi Barry Leff.

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