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It is forbidden to evacuate people in the winter – Parashat “Bo” – Weekly commentary by Rabbis for Human Rights

1 Comment 24 January 2012

A moment from Rachel Levy’s eviction on January 23rd . Michal Varshavsky from Tarabut took the picture.

Parashat “Bo”: The weekly report of Rabbis for Human Rights

Despite the evictions of homeless during the cold winter, we continue to strive for achievements in the parliamentary level (establishing a lobby for public housing), in addition, we are also looking for creative ways to stop the evacuations and help the homeless, and we need your help in Yavne with Rachel Levy and in Ramla with the Ajo family. Shabbat shalom.

Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann’s Dvar Torah to Parashat “Bo” discuses the 10 plagues, the 20 Mitzvot and two great people, Martin Luther King and Rabbi Heschel.

We will be happy to have volunteers:

  • 26.1.2012Protest against the Praver Plan – the protest will take place in front the government offices in Beer Sheva. At 11:00 we will march from the Bedouin market in the direction of the government offices.
  • 1.2.2012 – On the morning of Wednesday 1st February there will be (weather-permitting) a modest (but not secret) planting of some 50 trees at the school of Jabel of the Jahalin Bedouin.  As you all know the Bedouin are under a lot of pressure lately and we are doing this as an act of solidarity with them.
  • 8.2.2012 – To plant a prayer – 2012 Tu Beshvat event – We are happy to invite you to  the planting event that will take place in the village of El Jenia. We want to plant 200 trees to replace trees that where uprooted during the last year.

Last week we launched the lobby for Public housing in the Knesset where our and the coalitions demanding housing for 41 thousand people who have no where to live, was heard. We and others are active on establishing an outline of “housing trustees” in Beit Shean (Hebrew). We put pressure on MKs to vote for Yoel Hason’s Bill to increase the stock of public housing apartments (Hebrew). We were unable to succeed in stopping the eviction of Rachel Levy from Yavne (Here and here are some photos from the eviction). Amidar did not answer our call to stop. Rachel Levy will be in a tent in the garden of her house. Do not let Rachel Levy get kicked out of her home. Come and protest against the aggressive policy of “Amidar”. We are organizing an empathy delegation and probably also a demonstration. We will be happy if you join us. Please call: 02-6482757. We are also ready to organize transportation from the center and from Jerusalem. Also, the El Ajo family is still in danger of eviction and needs urgent help on the coming Thursday.

We started an international campaign to stop the eviction of the Jahalin Bedouin from the E-1 Corridor. The army used dirt and rocks to block the only access roads to the village of Shaab EL Butum in South Hebron Hills, as a result of our activity in the area YNET wrote a aspcial article.

Last night (23.1) around midnight in Anata security forces destroyed for the fifth time the Shawamreh family’s home, “Beit Arabiyah” (That had been used as a peace center and had become the international symbol of the struggle against home demolition. As a result of the demolitions last night, Rabbi Arik Ascherman calls us to come and stay with the family in Anata.

Shabbat Shalom

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