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No to a religious war

0 Comments 15 December 2011

Almost everybody condemns the burning mosques and will surely condemn the recent arson of the mosque in the village of Burqua on December 15th . But the real test  will be to demand that the IDF  be prepared to protect the Palestinians when there are outposts evictions. It is clear to everybody that the reaction to evictions will be attacks against Palestinians and damaging of their property or their freedom of religion. From the beginning of “Tag Price” in 2008, Rabbis for Human Rights has demanded that the army adequately  be prepared for this, with no response.

These extremist settlers also want to drag us into a dangerous religious war. They take advantage of the weak situation of the Palestinians as subjects of a military regime in order to make of them their punching bag in their war against the army. If we do not protect the Palestinians’ rights we  ignore our Jewish duty to take care of the stranger who lives among us and our democratic commitment to protect the freedom to religion.


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    […] Almost everyone is condemning the torching of mosques, and certainly will condemn the attack on the mosque in the village of Burqa last week.  But the real test is not only to condemn, but also do demand that the security forces be prepared in advance to prevent the violence that will be enacted against Palestinians following the evictions of illegal outposts. Rabbi Nava Hefetz creates a theological and political link between the roots of the ideas in the book “Torat HaMelekh” and the attacks carried out on the military base of Hativat Ephraim. Last Thursday Palestinian cars were blocked from travelling in the area of Nablus. We believe that the blockage of roads in the West Bank could lead to dangerous inflammation of dormant tensions, and certainly is a violation of basic human rights. […]

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