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Blocking roads on the West Bank – a recipe for a third Intifada

0 Comments 18 December 2011

“This does not protect the Palestinians, but disrupts their everyday life”. Huwwara Checkpoint .cc: wikipedia

Last Thursday roads in the Nablus area were blocked for the Palestinians. Blocking Palestinian roads  in the West Bank  endangers us with   increased anger and tension in the area and violates basic human rights.

On 19 Kislev 5772, December 15th 2011 the IDF closed   the Palestinian roads in the Nablus area in order “to defend them”.  A military source told us that the roads will be closed until Saturday night. For years such an extreme measure was not taken.

This does not protect the Palestinians, but disrupts their everyday life. A step like this needs to be examined according to the priorities and the budgeting regarding the Palestinians’ security, rights and freedom of religion. This is a way to punish the victim and encourage those who call for a violent intifada.  Do we not remember the unprecedented closure of  Palestinian roads, in the middle of the peace process, only because they dared to die from Baruch Goldstein’s bullets? Is there noone who remembers the wave of terror that started after it? It was indeed promised that ambulances would  be allowed to pass through in a case of emergency, but promises like this have often in the past  not been implemented in an emergency.

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