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Demolished the homes of Bir El ‘Id | Volunteer with Bedouin children | The question of equality

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Bir El 'Id
Bir El ‘Id

Parashat Hashavua “Korah”: What Was, What Will Be and Torah Thoughts

The army demolished the homes of Bir El ‘Id, despite an oral agreement to allow us more time to create a zoning plan.The import of this is that the army allowed the residents to return to their forcibly abandoned village afer 10 years, but is refusing to allow them what they need to survive. Please send a letter to our defense minister Ehud Barak.

Parashat Hashavua “Korah” | Rabbi Benji Gruber

Korah and his congregation’s disagreement describes, at least on surface (until the suface becomes an open mouth and we see what happens then), a struggle of groups that feel discriminated and want equality against the authorities. Continue reading >>

What Will Be

This July, come be a camp volunteer with Bedouin children, ages 5-13, who have been displaced by settlements near Jerusalem. Continue reading →

The Week that Was

Yavne – Zvi Gov Arye, the Mayor of Yavne, announced that he will freeze the eviction of Rachel Levi from her apartment

Tikkun – Rabbi Kobi Weiss writes about Tikkun Shavuot night in Haifa Continue reading >>

Social Justice

Wisconsinn: The Endless Trauma – Last week, a journalist from “Yediot Hadera” came to interview Lev Hadera Center activity group members. Despite our deep familiarity with these women, we were surprised at how much the trauma of Wisconsin is engraved on the members of the group. Continue reading >>

Beit Shean: Beginning of Success in the Struggle for Public Housing – Within the framework of RHR’s involvement in the public housing issue, the Rabbis Arik Ascherman and Kobi Weiss arrived at the Amidar offices in Beit Shean in order to speak to tenants and learn about their problems. Continue reading →

RHR Media Coverage

  • Jlem’s Lifta faces threats from destruction, development
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    Solidarity Seich Jarach | Kulanana |  Koach La Ovdim – Democratic Workers’ Organization

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